Spartan 36 Solutions Leadership Principles – Part 2

Last week we introduced the first half of the Spartan 36 Solutions Leadership Principles: Competence and Initiative. Competence, which is the ability to accomplish a task or to meet your organizational expectations, was modeled by the Roman General Agrippa, who used his exceptional competence and generalship in order to help establish Caesar Augustus as the first Roman Emperor. General George S. Patton showed us that initiative is the greatest differentiating factor of greatn

Spartan 36 Solutions Leadership Principles – Part 1

At Spartan 36 Solutions we believe that leadership is based on four fundamental truths. These truths, what we call the Spartan 36 Leadership Principles, make up the foundation of a good leader. Their presence can be found in all of history’s great leaders. Conversely, many of history’s leadership failures can be attributed to an absence of one or more of these principles. Every organization has their own key leadership traits, leadership principles, leader attributes, etc… Ea