• Ryan Woolf

Because Leadership Matters

Updated: May 10, 2019

Why Spartan 36 Solutions? Because Leadership Matters.

Leadership is one of the few attributes where the teachings span across industry, profession, and even history. Business leaders today are required to make decisions quickly with incomplete and even conflicting information. Leaders throughout history have been asked to make difficult decisions, often life or death decisions, while surrounded by uncertainty. Today’s leaders can extract lessons from 480 BC when King Leonidas’s Greeks took on Xerxes’ Persians at Thermopylae’s Hot Gates; leaders can learn from the successes of Rome’s Caesar Augustus and the mistakes of Benedict Arnold in 1780; and leaders can study the importance of learning agility from today’s battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Spartan 36 Solutions is uniquely qualified to bring the lessons learned from some of history’s greatest leaders to your organization. We are passionate about leadership, coaching, and helping others increase their leadership acumen. We bring our personal experiences, along with what we have learned from history’s leaders, from the battlefield and the boardroom to your organization through engaging and unforgettable experiences.

In your organization, leadership matters. Contact us today.


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