Starting your own business is hard, it can be overwhelming and, lets be honest, sometimes you wonder if you are up to the task. Let me tell you a secret, you can and you will succeed because you have what it takes. And with a little help from Spartan 36 Solutions, you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself. We will help you get started so you can get back to living your dream.

Lunch Meeting


Vital, tips, tricks, and information to get you started

What is harder than starting your own business? Starting it alone. With our Startup Knowledge Session you won’t have to go at it alone. We will provide you with the tips and tricks we have learned helping small businesses just like yours get off the ground. The Startup Knowledge Session will help you gain an understanding of how different organizations are structured; where companies are born (hint: it is not the hospital); and how to set up your finances, business processes, and marketing plan. Let us share our knowledge and experiences with you.

Discussing the Numbers


Everything in the Knowledge Session PLUS Coaching

We know that starting your own business can be overwhelming. There are forms to file, systems to learn, and tools to set up. Not to mention, how does one person have so many usernames and passwords?!?! Let us help you get back to the business of your business. With our Startup Engagement we will give you all of the information from our Startup Knowledge Session AND be there to coach you along the way. How do I file with the state? We can help! Which financial software should I use? Let us do the research for you. Ugh, do I really need a marketing plan? Yes, and we can help you build it. Put us to work so you don’t have to!



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